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Everyone wants to preserve the memory of their wedding day. Traditionally this entails an involved search for a reputable wedding photography firm, and then sitting down with them and trying to explain what you do and do not want. Many wedding photography packages can be thousands of dollars and all you may end up with is a flashy book. You will no doubt end up with some great shots, but will have to put up with the distraction of a photographer roving around or jumping in front of the action during the wedding vows. Is she crying or has she just been blinded by the flash? Instead of hiring an expensive wedding photographer consider a hidden camera wedding ceremony. Nothing will better preserve the sanctity of those tender moments, since mini cameras are unobtrusive and easily concealed.

The concept is simple. Conceal several hidden cameras throughout your ceremony venue. The cameras will be run continuously capturing every moment on film thereby guaranteeing you get phenomenal footage for the wedding video. Photographers take great shots, but cannot be everywhere at once, and frankly you do not want them to be. Using hidden cameras will give you fantastic close ups of the bride and groom’s facial expressions. You can do this by purchasing regular wireless security cameras and placing them throughout the ceremony hall. These cameras are a snap to setup and can be up and running in an hour or less. Determine the angles you want to cover and discreetly conceal them in decorations at your venue. Be sure to test everything out during the rehearsal to make sure you are getting the shots you want. In the end you will end up with several hours worth of video footage to go through. Hire a savvy friend or professional to put it all together while you are on the honeymoon. The best part is you retain ownership of all images captured as well as the cameras themselves.

The price of the cameras really depends on quality of images produced. High resolution wireless surveillance cameras will also record audio and can be purchased for several hundred dollars. You will also need a multi channel receiver and some sort of storage medium, such as a digital video recorder. A more advanced option would be to use remote operated cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom function. Someone in another room would operate the cameras. You could even broadcast your wedding over the internet for those who were unable to attend the ceremony in person, but would have liked to. Of course you can still have a photographer take photos of family and friends before and after, but you will not have to worry about the unnatural feel of a stranger walking about during the actual ceremony.

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Good content is based on quality research and the writer’s creativity. It is also imperative for the work to be original.

An SEO writer should work hard to attract traffic to a website by using the appropriate keywords in the article. Keywords or key phrases are believed to go well with the intent of well-written articles.

You can consider the following in SEO article writing:

    • Excellent SEO articles should captivate as well as give information to readers. The article should encourage and engage the reader from the first to the last word. The subject matter’s extent should be within the reader’s reach. Simply put, the SEO article needs to relate to the targeted crowd.

    • The language level and grammatical composition of your written article is also important. A good writer always observes the level and appropriate grammar. Writers should understand that the credibility of the article is emphasized when proper language is used. The writer should be able to include appealing and alluring sentence structures in the article.

    • It is important to readers that the idea conveyed by the writer is complete. A reader would not take time to read the article if it does not show completeness or gives a hint of incompleteness. In order to be effective, writers of SEO articles should make it a point to give visitors an amazing masterpiece by providing complete ideas in their article. A writer who puts in questions in an article that should be giving explanation not only makes matters worse but also proves to be an inadequate writer.

    • The extent of research done for an article gives the article strength. A good article has well-researched content and is presented in a very unique way. A writer should be able to identify distinctly the main areas that interest the readers and picks it out from the research he conducted. With the use of research, the write is able to make an interesting and entertaining article to which the readers can relate. The important thing is to make sure that the article is written in a way that it attracts visitors to the website. Research is very useful to identify this bag it.

  • SEO article writing also needs careful attention to various useful tools. A very enthusiastic writer should try having external and internal links and could also use suitable images to go along with the article. How long an article is should also be considered. There are no rules regarding the length of the article but considering the readers wouldn’t hurt. Writers should realize that readers prefer articles that are concise, brief but comprehensive. Too many words may result to lesser interest from the readers.

To write meaningful and good SEO articles, one needs to be keen and understand what quality is. The main objective is to give an impressive article that reaches out not only to readers but also the people who listens to the readers as well.

It is necessary that the article should be original, maintains meaning and avoids flaws to present an interesting and great work. The motivation comes from within.

You have heard too many times about the magic formula that will bring you a thousand dollars a day within a week after trading Forex. There are too many gurus and too many experts on the internet; they all know secrets that will unlock the door of fortune. If it is that easy to make money, there would be no poverty in the world. We all would be rich.

Yes, it is possible to make a fortune trading Forex, but this fortune is not the result of applying a magic formula. Just like anything else in this world, the road to success in Forex trading is paved with effort. The best kind of effort that you can put in is education. Learn all the rules, tricks, strategies, and you will be better prepared for your journey to financial freedom.

The possibility of making truckloads of cash by trading Forex is definitely there because there is so much money available. The market is turning over trillions of dollars daily. That is 100 times more than the New York Stock Exchange is doing. But how are you going to grab a slice of the pie?

Taking Advantage of the High Leverage commodity robot review

One way that you can make a lot of money quickly is to take advantage of the high leverage offered by your brokers. Using leverage, you can turn your initial investment of $100 into $10,000 worth of investing power. You will never lose more than your initial investment, but there is no limit when you are making a profit. Your risk is minimal, compared with other markets.

Unlike commodity markets, Forex doesn’t have a single association which regulates trading activities in any particular region. This is because the liquidity of the Forex market is unparalleled by any other market. It is moving constantly from region to region. Without a regulating authority to impose taxes and other restrictions, you can use all kinds of tools and resources available to you to make as much money in the shortest time possible. However, this advantage can occasionally become a disadvantage. No officiating bureaucracy also means there is no one looking after your safety and security. You are on your own.

That’s why I always stress education as the first and foremost prerequisite for your entrance into the world of Forex. A well-informed Forex trader is better equipped to handle the unexpected.

In addition to hard work and education, you should also use all the tools that can bring you success. Forex robots are excellent tools if you choose smartly. But you still need education to use these tools properly.

Avoid a potential disaster by making an educated comparison before buying an automatic Forex trading robot.

Commodity Robot Review

In my opinion you will have 5 major classes of futures markets you can trade:

- Stock indexes
- Currencies
- Commodities
- Ags / grains
- Bonds / Notes

Each of these markets has many different qualities that can make it a good (or bad) fit for you as a day trader. Let’s go down the list and take a look at what our options look like. Stock indexes are the most popular by far. The E-mini ES, YM, NQ and the mighty Russell are the four most popular names to day traders mostly because they have the most marketing towards retail traders like yourself. 15 years ago these didn’t exist, and they have become one of the most liquid and active markets available to trade.

Stock indexes are considered range-bound markets and they trade the entire US trading session from 930am est and close at 415pm est Monday through Friday. Stock indexes are known for having most of the volume traded in the morning so I focus personally on the morning session to make sure I get the best moves, but there is ample opportunity in the afternoons as well.

Being range-bound markets means that these stock index futures such as the ES will not have large trading ranges compared to other markets such as commodities or currencies. With lots of liquidity comes the difficulty of breaking out of sideways trading ranges, and anyone who trades the ES knows exactly what sideways ranges are. I like to focus on buying the lows and selling the highs using simple price reversal strategies for markets like stock index futures because they are range-bound and will tend to stay inside their respective trading ranges.

Currencies are some of my favorite markets to trade. Not only do currencies trade 24 hours a day around the world giving us plenty of opportunities to trade, but currencies are heavily correlated to the US Dollar Index, which makes them very easy to project direction and reversals. Currencies are considered breakout markets, which mean they tend to break through their highs and lows, rather than stay inside their respective ranges. Compared to the stock index futures, currencies are explosive and move much faster. I love to buy pullbacks and price breakouts on the Euro, Pound, Aussie and Yen.

Commodity futures are where I like to make the most of my profit each day, and I think you will agree when you see how well they move. Crude oil, gold, silver, natural gas, these are markets that have just the perfect balance of liquidity and volatility to make a day trader an incredible income. Unlike stock index futures, commodities tend to explode through previous highs and they also are very easy to trade when they go sideways or range-bound. Commodities also trade almost 24 hours a day just like currencies which make them very attractive to traders from all over the world and with turmoil in global markets in the predictable future these commodities will be liquid and volatile for decades to come.

I think crude oil and gold futures are the best of all options. They are easily traded when flat, they always move, they have low margins, they trade early in the morning (8am EST) and they have lots of patterns for me to day trade with each day. Gold and crude is truly a day trader’s best friend in my opinion.

Agricultural and Grains (AGS) are widely known as being a very small niche in the futures markets that only a few select traders really ever understand. Be prepared to study crop reports instead of news releases, and you only have a very small window of time to day trade markets such as wheat, corn and soybeans. With short market hours, large margins because of heavily speculation and the need to REALLY know what you’re doing this is a very tough market to enter into without a lot of experience. Most day traders working with wheat, corn and soybeans are actually hedgers working for large farms and major corporations in which the need to hedge their crop or supply is their main objective.

Volume is also a major concern for trading grains, and that explains why day trading margins on grains/ags have gone through the roof. With heavily speculation in the cost of wheat globally there have been numerous occasions when markets like wheat have been ‘limit up/down’ which is very dangerous for a new trader. If day trading was like juggling, day trading ags would be using 12 balls instead of 3… it’s just more work than you need in my opinion. Stick to something simpler and make your work much easier. The problem with a lot of liquidity is that you rarely see big moves in the market because there are so many buyers for every seller that it takes a small miracle for the price to move up or down by simply 1 tick.

The ES is like this, the Eurostoxx 50 in Germany is like this, and here in the US you have the notes and the bonds with too much volume for its own good. One of the things you notice write away on the bonds or notes is that they literally ‘chug’ along, tick up and tick down, never moving more than 1 or 2 ticks at a time… and I mean never. This is good if you’re looking to trade in longer periods of time because moves in the market takes days and weeks to develop, but if you’re like me and want to earn income in minutes rather than days this market will put you to sleep most days.

This market has rock-bottom margins because there is no volatility, and it does have a strong dollar index correlation, but with so much liquidity there are very few patterns each day, which really doesn’t fit well with a day trader, so I tend to skip this market option.

As you can see there are lots of options for a day trader, and this review should help you make an educated decision regarding which futures market is best for you.

These 5 fat-burning foods to lose belly fat are naturally delicious and will keep you feeling satisfied. You can put them together into recipes for a synergistic effect to burn fat fast. This article gives you 5 examples of the best fat-burning foods.

Understanding the best foods to eat to lose weight gives you the ability to arrange your meals so you will see a significant drop in the fat around your belly.

lose belly fat fast

First, exactly what is a fat-burning food? Basically, it’s a specific type of food that contains the precise vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to naturally promote the fat-burning process in your body.

With that in mind, eat extra servings of these 5 fat-burning foods and you will get the results you want to lose belly fat fast:

1 - Berries. Managing proper insulin levels is a key component of getting rid of your belly fat. Spikes in your blood sugar lead to spikes in your insulin levels which, in turn, lead to the storage of more body fat that gets deposited around your belly. Berries help with the digestion and absorption of sugars which prevents blood sugar spikes.

2 - Nuts. The fat content in nuts is comprised of some of the most essential natural fat-burning nutrients. Nuts are high in protein and fiber, and contain no sugar, which helps curb food cravings. Peanuts, almonds, cashews and other nuts are nutritious little power-houses you can eat for quick healthy snacks and, at the same time, help you lose the belly fat fast.

3 - Oatmeal. Oatmeal is high in fat soluble fiber which is a great addition to your diet. Oatmeal naturally reduces cholesterol and flushes fatty acids out of your system. Avoid the instant sweetened oatmeal packs and, instead, go for the good old-fashioned rolled or steel cut oats. Add some berries and nuts for a fabulous high-energy high fat-burning meal to lose belly fat quickly.

4 - Lean Beef. Yes, beef! Most diet conscious folks think that red meat is a big “no-no” for people trying to lose fat. But actually, beef is one of the best foods to eat for losing weight and reducing stomach fat. Beef is high in protein, which is essential for weight loss. Beef is filling and satisfying and can be a delicious addition to your fat loss efforts. It’s important to note that organic grain fed beef is by far the most beneficial for you.

5 - Eggs. Again, it’s the protein that is beneficial and essential for achieving massive fat loss results. Eggs are high in protein and other “good-for-you” nutrients that not only help you lose body fat by reducing hunger pangs, but give you the energy you need to burn calories and fat faster. Eggs are one of the best foods to eat to quickly lose belly fat.

Eating fat-burning foods will naturally help you reduce the fat around your stomach. You will quickly start noticing the difference. And you will be amazed at the progress you make.

Of course, there are many more than just these 5 foods you can eat to create the same effect on your fat loss efforts.

TheĀ Venus Factor reviews is a program for women who want to get into better shape. While some may mistake this for a weight loss plan, it is nothing of the sort. The goal is to get you to look your best by changing your body so that certain ratios in it (such as hip/waist or shoulder/waist ratios) get closer to a number called the Venus Index.

This index was found to represent a ratio which makes a woman’s body look appealing and attractive. In addition, there are indications that it also has beneficial health considerations. Women who are closer to the index may be less prone to certain disease.

However, the major thing is that you get to look better, not just thinner but more attractive. This is what the Venus Index program is all about.

The main part of the program are the workouts in which you train your body with strength exercises to get it into better shape. These workouts are intense so you do need to make an effort with this plan to succeed with it.

Venus Index was created by John Barban and Brad Pilon, two people who know a lot about fitness, working out, and nutrition. However, this doesn’t mean that their program is perfect. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons I’ve noticed when I read the program.


- The workouts are all shown in video and pictures so it’s easy to follow and do all the workouts correctly.

- The program can work for any woman, at any fitness level. You just need to be in good health to be able to do the workouts.

- The program isn’t about pounds and weighing yourself. You just need to get into the best shape for your body. You’re not competing with anyone else.

- You don’t need to count calories or to limit yourself too much. You can enjoy your favorite foods, within reason, of course.

- Created by two well known experts who can help you get results.


- The nutrition element of Venus Index gives a lot of freedom, Perhaps too much freedom. Some women would have found a more structured eating plan useful.

- Only works for women. Men will not find this program useful.

Overall, the Venus Index is an excellent fitness and nutrition plan for women who want to get their body into great shape. You need to be ready to make an effort to work with it.

From day one my own personal life-long herpes infection has presented me with several ethical challenges. It has challenged me on the question of who to tell and when. It has challenged me on the issue of what to say and how to others with herpes. It has challenged me on the question of “Do I have any responsibilities towards trying to prevent the people in the community who do not herpes from getting it, and if so what are they”?

On how to tell and when: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

When I was diagnosed with herpes the doctors told me that it was safe to have sex with others as long as I avoided having sex during outbreaks and that I would get warning signs of when an outbreak would be coming. Luckily, we are working with much better information these days. A person with herpes is potentially contagious every-single day of the year and safer sex including using a combination of a condom or dental dam and an anti-viral gel is the best way of ensuring that one isn’t inadvertently spreading the virus.

I was an irresponsible coward when I first got herpes. Because thedoctors told me that I wasn’t contagious without outbreaks and because I was in the habit of using condoms, I decided that I only had to tell someone that I had herpes if and when it seemed like the relationship was turning serious and there would be regular sexual contact. I had justified my cowardice by thinking that the risk to others was too small to stick my neck out and get the rejection due to a herpes leper. Please don’t be like me. Not telling someone before you have sex that you have herpes is absolutely the wrong thing to do. There’s no real way to justify it. I now tell potential lovers I have herpes even before the first date. It gets the weight of this guilt most herpes people have off my chest and to me it feels like the right thing to do.

Many people tell me that it’s okay if you’re not going to have sex with someone to wait and see if the relationship becomes serious before telling them about herpes. Sure this is much better than waiting until after sex, but to me it still isn’t good enough. If you care about someone, if you respect them , why not tell them as early as possible so they can decide if they want to invest the energy and time in getting to know you better? Isn’t it a bit manipulative to allow someone to develop feelings for you without warning them that they risk a life-long viral infection if they get involved with you? Think about it. If you wait until they are already emotionally attached to you, they may feel compelled to continue with the relationship when they may not have if you had told them up-front. It takes more courage and integrity to tell early but it feels better to have the weight off your chest and the person you tell will usually respect you for giving them the choice.

I am especially appealing to men since I believe that men are not as protective of their sex partners when it comes to telling about herpes as women are. Guys, please don’t have sex with anyone without telling them about your herpes. And if they don’t know the facts don’t understate the risks- herpes is a more physically and emotionally devastating disease for women than it is for men and it is much easier for a man to give a woman herpes than it is for a woman to give it to a man.

Following that, they were straight onto their own trading floor for six weeks of live trading, with real cash. Quite a lot of it in fact - one million of Lex Van Dams own hard earned dollars.

wealthy trader reviews

In the first show we saw highlights of this training, and the first week of trading. As you can probably imagine, their first week was pretty traumatic, and they were all over the place. By the end of the first day, only one of them had placed a trade. By the end of the week, they all had, but they had all lost money.

In the next episode, we saw them trade for another two weeks. And this is where it gets really interesting, because we’re starting to see who gets it and who doesn’t. Depending on your own experience in trading, you may be surprised at the results so far…

Ok, so here’s the first lesson: Success in trading has very little to do with intelligence, and everything to do with personality.

Before I go on, let me just make a disclaimer. What constitutes intelligence is something that is often debated. Is a high IQ intelligence? What about creative types? For our purposes here, I’m going to go with the popular conception of intelligence being a reasonably high IQ and good education.

On that basis, we’d expect the computer programmer, vet, and university educated shopkeeper to do well. The soldier and the fight promoter should find it tougher.

And yet exactly the opposite was true. In fact, the Simon the computer programmer (remember, he worked as a consultant for IBM for 40 years) actually ended up walking out halfway through the experiment. He just couldn’t do it. It didn’t suit his personality. He said, and I quote as best I can remember it:
"This is the second most stressful thing I’ve done in my life, after my divorce". He was a wreck. His results were so bad, he was losing the team more than the winning traders were making - put together!

Why would someone apparently intelligent, well educated, and used to working with numbers, struggle so much with trading? Well he said it best himself:
"I’m used to writing computer programs. Once they’re written, either they work, or they don’t. If they work, they continue to work forever. If they don’t, then you find the bugs, fix them, and then the program works and continues to work forever. With this, I keep doing the same thing but I get different results. Why? Because there are humans involved".

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Despite the thousands of “program trades” that are made every day, trading is essentially a human activity, driven by emotion. And boy have we seen some emotion in this show. Cleo the ex-vet has spent 3 weeks sat in front of her trading screen and barely made a single trade - she’s paralysed by fear. She’s not made a huge loss, but she’s not made a profit either - she can’t - she won’t trade! Another of the traders whoops for joy every time one of his trades ticks up. They’re both totally controlled by their emotions.

But lets get back to this thing Simon the computer man said. He’s trying to apply rules to trading, in the same way his computer programs are essentially just sets of rules. He can’t cope with the fact that doing the same thing over and over, doesn’t always produce the same results.

This is the second great lesson that Million Dollar Traders is exposing: Trading is not about rules, it’s about principals.

What’s the difference? Hollywood screenwriting legend Robert McKee puts it brilliantly:

"A rule says ‘You must do it this way’. A principal says ‘This works…and has through all remembered time.’ The difference is crucial."

To paraphrase what he goes on to say:

"Anxious, inexperienced traders obey rules….Artists master the form."

Trading is more art than science. You cannot apply rigid rules. If that worked, we’d all set up automatic trading programs, everything would become automated, and the market would just stop working because nobody would have an edge any more.

Instead, we must learn the principals of what makes prices move. Understand the humans making the decisions. Understand the emotions and responses to prices on a screen. And have a set of guiding principals to lead us to our trade decisions in any given circumstances.

Understanding principals and being able to apply them in any situation is far more valuable than just blindly following a set of rules.

And that’s why the computer man failed. He’s spent his entire working life following rules. Put him in front of a chart, and he just carries on applying rules.

The vet on the other hand, was simply a slave to her emotions. She was completely controlled by her fear. The worst thing is she knew it! Her screen was covered in post-it notes telling her “you can’t win if you’re not trading” and “just pull the trigger!” and so on. But despite knowing what she should do, she couldn’t actually bring herself to do it. Her education, privileged background, and apparent intelligence were worthless to her.

And then we had the winners. By far the most successful trader so far is single mum Caroline, the entrepreneur. Her experience in setting up her own business and overcoming all the obstacles and difficulties that come with that (not to mention the difficulties of being a single mother of twins), prepared her nicely for the trading floor. While those around here were either leaping up and down with joy at having made a minor profit, or crying into their coffee cup after suffering a loss, the entrepreneur was calmly watching her charts, entirely emotionally detached from the market.

With ruthless precision, she was cutting her losing trades as I can imagine she might fire under performing employees. She greeted her winners with the same total lack of emotion as her losers. When Lex Van Dam called her into his office to congratulate her on being “…the best trader on the floor”, her response spoke volumes:

"I’m only the best at this point," she said. "All my trades could turn round against me this afternoon and then I’ll be the worst."

As Lex rightly replied:
"That’s why you’re the best - because you understand that".

The soldier has been doing pretty well too. His training has prepared him to examine situations, think through possible options, and then choose his action carefully, based on a set of guiding principals. No doubt the strength of character and ability to keep emotions under control that come with battleground experience are an asset to him on the trading floor.

Now I’m not saying that only battle hardened ex-army types, or successful entrepreneurs can ever make it as traders. What I am saying is that most people fail to recognise how important personality, emotional control, and a certain flexibility are when it comes to the markets. If you go into the game knowing the challenges ahead, you have a much higher chance of success.

At the time of writing, there’s a final show still to be broadcast, and from what I understand, only three of the traders make it to the end of the eight week experiment. Maybe the vet will make a comeback, but I’m not counting on it!

Let me then summarise the two lessons that Million Dollar Traders has so beautifully crystallised on screen:

1. Success in trading has very little to do with intelligence or education. It has everything to do with character. More specifically, strength of character. Those who can control their emotions rather than be controlled by them, are far more likely to succeed.

2. Learning to trade is about learning principals, not rules. Understanding principals will enable you to make money in any market, under any kind of conditions. Rules might make some money for a short time, but as long as there are humans in the market, rules will never produce fixed predictable results every time. If that’s what you’re looking for, put your money in the bank. Actually, on second thoughts….!

There’s a great show on British TV - Million Dollar Traders. There are two very important lessons that every trader must understand, that have been perfectly illustrated in this documentary, and I want to discuss those here. Any trader who doesn’t understand these lessons is doomed to fail, just as many of the traders in the show are failing.

Before I continue, here’s a quick resume of the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it. London City trader and hedge fund manager Lex Van Damn (great name!) decided to set up an experiment to see if he could teach anyone to trade. He interviewed hundreds of applicants, and finally selected 8 people. Those he chose came from all kinds of backgrounds - there’s an environmentalist - who wants to try and trade only ethical stocks - a soldier, a boxing promoter, an entrepreneur, a retired IT consultant, a vet, a student and a shopkeeper.

Some of these folks are better educated than others, which is important because it relates directly to one of the lessons that this show has so wonderfully illustrated - which I’ll come to in a moment.

The ex-vet (I’m talking about animal doctor here, not the army kind of vet!) is highly educated, and comes from a wealthy family. The retired IT man spent 40 years working as a computer programmer at IBM. The shopkeeper studied at university before joining the family business.

At the other end of the scale, we’ve got the fight promoter who has no such privileged education. The soldier and the environmentalist are of average education as far as I can tell, and the student is obviously still studying.

The eight who were picked were given two weeks intensive training by Van Dam and his team of traders. They covered all bases, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology, and all the practical aspects such as how to work their Bloomberg terminals and place trades.


The latest technology buzz is WiMAX wireless networks. We have heard many things about this wonderful new long haul wireless technology that it almost seems as though you are just a phone call away from having yours’ designed and installed. Well before you start assuming things like we all do, we thought as engineers and network architects we would share personal experiences and the experiences of colleagues from around the world, in a manner that is direct, helpful, educational, and certainly reality based. This is a backpocket Primer for anyone now dealing with the implementation of a WiMAX network.

First, there are several misconceptions surrounding WiMAX that need to be cleared up so that the business aspects and engineering basis have a common understanding.

Secondly, the people who make the various decisions within your organizations need to understand that there are differences between a private network and an interoperable network strategy. This subtle difference does exist and requires a plan which considers the final transition aspects, if considered now, to easily provide a lower cost upgrade to a true interoperable network, now incorporating diverse vendor equipment.

Finally, while WiMAX has been out internationally for several years, it is very new to the United States, only a few months old, with very little training and education available to those who have the responsibility to build these systems or those who will make the financial and technical decisions to have these systems built for them as part of their long haul wireless strategy.

Our experiences and the experiences of our colleagues are offered here as contributions as well as tying these in to the standards and certification authorities all meant to provide a reality based quick reference education for anyone in the throws of How to Build a WiMAX network.


WiMAX is a standard designed for fixed broadband wireless access featuring a controlling base station, that connects subscriber stations not to each other but to various public networks, such as the Internet, linked to that base station. The acronym means ” worldwide interoperability for microwave access” or (WiMAX).

WiMAX, as a standards initiative, is based on a “set of profiles” supporting a wide range of frequencies (up to 66GHz)with channel sizes (1.25MHz to 20MHz) and applications (LOS and NLOS), and finally PTP and PTMP. The WiMAX profiles narrow the scope of 802.16 to focus on first service specific configurations. The IEEE titled the specification 802.16 and released it December 2002. The profiles addressed in that “profiles release” are 802.16-2004 (old d) and 802.16e as presented further down.

The WIMAX forum was formed eight months earlier in April 2002 to support, promote and certify compatibility and interoperability of devices based on the 802.16 specification, and to develop such devices for the marketplace. Founding Members of the organization include Airspan, Alvarion, Analog Devices, Aperto Networks, Ensemble Communications, Fujitsu, Intel, Nokia, OFDM Forum, Proxim, and Wi-LAN.

WiMAX is the IEEE 802.16 Point-to-Multipoint broadband wireless access standard for systems in the stated frequency ranges. WiMAX will initially provide fixed nomadic, portable and eventually, mobile wireless broadband connectivity. To that end there are two standards (802.16d (new -2004) and 802.16e respectively) although they will both perform similar functions because they must be interoperable. One clearly is a fixed solution and the other a mobile solution that must still communicate with a fixed solution. So one of the first considerations is whether you want to build out a mobile or fixed network. In many cases you would have already considered your target market segments, spectrum availability, regulatory constraints and your deployment need.